Rodgers vs Sanchez – Off the Field “FIGHT” – Thanks, GQ

I was just alerted to this today, so forgive me for reporting on something from almost a month ago. BUT- it just HAD to be documented here on FootballGurlz.

Think what you will about the Jets and Mark Sanchez, but he is a pretty good-looking dude, right?  Mr. Sanchez, pictured here from his GQ photoshoot, looks no different than a musician, actor, model, etc.  All of these are entertainers, as are professional NFL athletes.  Still with me?


So, why is it that Aaron Rodgers, who is coming off a Super Bowl CHAMPIONSHIP last year with the packers and a 4-0 start to this season, felt the need to negatively comment on the shoot?

Yes, it is his right.  Agreed.

But these two teams don’t meet this year in the regular season, so the intimidation “get-in-your-head” thought doesn’t really apply.  Perhaps Rodgers just felt the need to call Sanchez “embarrassing,” because he disagrees with the lifestyle choice of Sanchez to take the interview, do the photo shoot and live ‘in the limelight.’

I heard about this through a coworker who referenced what MSan wears in the photo.  I googled it, thought he looked like a ‘celebrity,’ and then began to wonder why this was a conversation.

I doubt the same coworker would have a problem with Ms. Kournikova’s decision to do a photo shoot with Germany InStyle because she’s a tennis player and not a model.  I suppose the answer isn’t hard; just depressing.  I know that FootballGurlz can appreciate a good-looking chic when we see one – WHY CAN’T GUYS DO THE SAME WITH THEIR OWN?!?




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